On the other hand, many days before the wedding, the king sat on his throne as he listened to his high-rank officials discussed among each other. He propped his cheek on his fist, and his elbow was standing on the arm of the chair. He listened to them with a dull expression on his face.

“My lord, I don’t think that we should get involved with Afaishan. She doesn’t benefit us.” One of the men said.

“How can you say that?” Another man spoke up. The king turned his gaze to the person who was talking. “I think this is a great negotiation. We have the south; we have the west, now we going to gain the east. What is wrong with that?”

“We gain nothing from this trade.” The first man said. The king agreed with him, but he didn’t say anything. He didn’t gain anything from this deal other than marrying the princess of Afaishan as in return; he would send his troops to support Afaishan. It was too late to back out now because he already promised King Ashan that he would marry his daughter. He turned to the man who didn’t oppose to the wedding and rose up from his throne.

“The wedding is in a few days, you’re in charge,” he commanded before leaving the room.

“Yes, My Lord.” The man nodded.

Finally, the day to welcome his bride arrive. That morning, rather than getting ready to pick up his bride, he woke up and work on his duty. Instead, he let one of his best men to pick her up. He wasn’t excited for this wedding anyways. He just wanted to get over with it and go back to his regular days.

“My lord, it’s ready.” A guard came into his study room. Jerodfan stood up and walked away following the guard as he made his way into the throne room. As directed, he stood in front of his people to welcome his bride.

The throne room was decorated with colorful drapes. It was layered with purple, blues and red curtains. The floor that Bakani walked on was laid with red carpets and rose petals over it. The people who sat on the two sides of the room sat on a small purple cushion. They were in awe as they looked at the bride who was dressed in a beautiful red wedding gown. She had her head covered in a see-through red and gold material.

Jerodfan stood in front of the throne with his hands behind his back. When she was close enough, she quickly got on her knees and bowed her head resting on top of her hand on the floor. All the women that were following her from the stair did the same, too. The king stepped down from the stage where he was standing and walked to her.

“Rise,” he ordered. Bakani lifted her head up looking at him nervously.

“Thank you, Your Highness.” She obeyed and then gently stood up as the king himself helped her. Their hand touch, which made her heart jump a bit because she was so afraid that he would catch her lie.

She studied his face, noticing his handsome figure that she could see through her thin veil. He didn’t look like how those maids described him in her home country. They said that he was an ugly, nasty old king that is not attractive at all. After looking at him, she realized that she shouldn’t have trust the rumor. He was handsome with deep brown eyes and thick eyebrows. He wasn’t as old as she thought he would be. He wore a golden leafy crown which was different from King Ashan whose top was big and proud.

While she was studying him, he took the small golden rope from the priest who was standing nearby and tied it around her wrist. He tied the other end to his own. He pulled her closer to him after he was done with the rope, which caught her by surprised. Her heart was even more nervous staying closer to him. His expression didn’t give her any hint at all. Was he angry or happy with her?

They both walked up to the stage in front of the throne and then faced the people. They both got on their knees and then bowed their heads. Everyone nodded their heads down while their priest wearing a white robe with white cloak walked to the king and his bride. He had a water vase with him and small tree branches with lots of leaves. He dipped the branch into the water and spring at the king and Bakani while saying his blessing for them.

After a while, the priest completed his blessing ceremony. Everyone got up and repeatedly cite their respectful lines.

“Long live the king, long live the queen!” The crowd roared.

The music started to play, and the feast began. The king and his wife were cast outside under the color marquee tent, which decorated with beautiful flowers around them and foods on the table in front of them. They sat under the canopy until every guest came to say their blessing. Bakani was quiet the whole time. Jerodfan was the only one who spoke out, thanking them. After everyone’s grace, the king stood up and left her there sitting all alone.

The king walked to his men. They were standing in one spot talking to each other. They were all sophisticated and professional warriors. Well, in Bakani’s eyes, they looked like ones. She studied all of them, and they all seemed to be very close to the king. But one particular man caught her attention. She remembered that he was the one who came to pick her up at the inn. They didn’t talk to each other much. He greeted her and drove the carriage. Curiously, she asked the maid who was standing near her just in case they needed something.

“Who is he?” She asked. Her eyes direction was to the man who was wearing a white war gear. He looked like he was ready for any unexpected attack. At the same time, his outfit was appropriate to attend a wedding, too. The maid looked at the man and replied.

“Oh, that’s General Hajab. He is one of the king’s most trusted general, and the second most popular man in the country for his bravery and had always been with the king since he was a young boy. He’s like the king’s brother.”

“I see…” Bakani nodded and continued to look around. She kept on asking the maid when she wanted to know about someone, and the maid replied nicely.

After a while, a few more maids came to her. They told her that she needed to go inside, and she obeyed them. The maids took her through different hallways until they came to the king’s chamber. She was amazed by the king’s place because it was an enormous building with its balcony, spacious room, and huge window with beautiful curtains flowing down. The floor was shiny and painted impressive mosaic. Everything was as beautiful as the Ashan’s castle.

She was bathed and cleaned her body with essential herb and flower. After the bath, she dressed in a new red outfit with a beautiful flowery design to it. It had two parts with a tight top that hugged her torso, and her long poofy skirt is the opposite of the shirt. The dress sparkled against her skin, making her stand out more. The maids helped her did her make-up and dressed her hair nicely once again. All she did was just staying still and quiet. After they had finished with her, they left. Bakani had a little time to think.

The King’s Bride © Copyright Elleonrosk.




Dall’altra parte, molti giorni prima delle nozze, il re era seduto sul suo trono ad ascoltare gli ufficiali di alto rango discutere tra loro. La guancia sorretta dal pugno e il gomito sul bracciolo. Li ascoltava con un’espressione annoiata.

“Mio signore, non penso che dovremmo occuparci dell’Afaishan, non ne traiamo alcun beneficio”, disse uno degli uomini.

“Come puoi dire una cosa del genere?”, rispose un altro uomo. Il re si voltò verso la persona che stava parlando. “Penso sia un ottimo negoziato. Abbiamo il Sud, l’Ovest e adesso otterremo l’Est. Dove sta il problema?”

“Non otteniamo nulla da questo scambio”, disse il primo uomo. Il re era d’accordo con lui, ma non disse niente. Non ci guadagnava nulla da questo accordo se non il matrimonio con la principessa in cambio delle sue truppe per sostenere l’Afaishan. Era troppo tardi per fare marcia indietro, ormai aveva promesso al Re Ashan che avrebbe sposato sua figlia. Si voltò verso l’uomo che non si era opposto alle nozze e si alzò dal trono.

“Il matrimonio è tra pochi giorni, sarai tu a occupartene”, ordinò prima di lasciare la stanza.

“Sì, mio signore”, annuì l’uomo.

Finalmente arrivò il giorno di accogliere la sua sposa. Quella mattina, anziché prepararsi per andarla a prendere, si svegliò e si occupò delle sue faccende. Lasciò piuttosto che vi andasse uno dei suoi uomini migliori. Ad ogni modo, non era entusiasta delle sue nozze, voleva solo che finissero per ritornare alle sue giornate normali.

“Mio signore, è pronta”. Una guardia entrò nel suo studio. Jerodfan si alzò e seguì la guardia che faceva strada verso la sala del trono. Come da protocollo, era in piedi di fronte al popolo per accogliere la sua sposa.

La sala del trono era decorata con drappi colorati e strati di tende viola, blu e rosse. Il pavimento su cui camminava Bakani era rivestito di tappeti rossi e petali di rose. Le persone ai due lati della stanza sedevano su piccoli cuscini viola e ammiravano la sposa nel suo bellissimo vestito rosso. Il suo viso era coperto da un tessuto trasparente rosso e dorato.

Jerodfan era in piedi davanti al trono con le mani dietro la schiena. Una volta abbastanza vicina, lei si inginocchiò e chinò la testa fino ad appoggiarla sulla mano per terra. Anche tutte le donne che l’avevano seguita dalle scale fecero lo stesso. Il re scese dal rialzo su cui si trovava e camminò verso di lei.

“Alzati”, ordinò. Bakani alzò la testa e lo guardò piena di ansia.

“Grazie, Vostra Altezza”. Lei obbedì e poi si alzò delicatamente aiutata dallo stesso re. Le loro mani si toccarono, il che le fece battere forte il cuore dalla paura che scoprisse la sua bugia.

Lei studiò il suo viso e notò la splendida figura che riusciva a intavedere attraverso il velo sottile. Non sembrava come lo avevano descritto quelle fanciulle nel suo paese. Dicevano che lui era un vecchio re brutto e malvagio, per niente attraente. Dopo averlo guardato, capì che non avrebbe dovuto fidarsi di quelle voci. Era molto bello e aveva dei profondi occhi marroni e delle sopracciglia folte. Non era così vecchio come pensava. Portava una corona di foglie dorate diversa da quella del Re Ashan, che invece era grande e sporgente nella parte superiore.

Mentre lo studiava, lui prese una piccola corda d’oro dal prete che era lì vicino e gliela legò intorno al polso. Legò l’altra estremità al suo. Appena finì, la tirò più vicina a sé e questo la colse di sorpresa. Il suo cuore provava ancora più ansia a stargli più vicino. La sua espressione non le dava nessun indizio. Era arrabbiato o felice di lei?

Entrambi salirono sul rialzo davanti al trono e poi si voltarono verso il popolo. Si inginocchiarono e chinarono le loro teste. Tutti abbassarono il capo quando il prete, che indossava una veste e un mantello bianco, camminò verso la sposa e lo sposo. Aveva un vaso d’acqua e tre piccoli rami con molte foglie. Immerse il ramo nell’acqua e cosparse il re e Bakani, benedicendoli.

Dopo un pò il prete finì la sua cerimonia di benedizione. Tutti si alzarono e pronunciarono ripetutamente i loro versi di rispetto.

“Lunga vita al re, lunga vita alla regina!”, urlò la folla.

Partì la musica e iniziò la festa. Il re e sua moglie furono portati fuori, sotto il tendone colorato, circondati da bellissimi fiori e dai cibi sul tavolo di fronte a loro. Rimasero seduti sotto il baldacchino finché non furono passati tutti gli ospiti a dargli la loro benedizione. Bakani rimase in silenzio per tutto il tempo. Jerodfan era l’unico a parlare e a ringraziarli. Finite le loro cortesie si alzò e la lasciò lì seduta da sola.

Il re andò dai suoi uomini, che erano in piedi da parte a parlare tra loro. Erano tutti guerrieri sofisticati e professionisti. Beh, agli occhi di Bakani erano tutti uguali. Li studiò uno per uno, sembravano molto intimi del re, ma un uomo in particolare attirò la sua attenzione. Lo riconobbe, era venuto lui a prenderla alla locanda. Non avevano parlato molto, lui l’aveva salutata e aveva guidato la carrozza. Incuriosita, chiese alla domestica che si trovava accanto a lei proprio nel caso in cui avessero bisogno di qualcosa.

“Chi è quello?”, domandò. Gli occhi erano puntati sull’uomo che indossava una divisa bianca. Sembrava pronto per un attacco inaspettato, ma il suo completo era allo stesso tempo appropriato per un matrimonio. La domestica guardò l’uomo e rispose.

“Oh, quello è il Generale Hajab. È uno dei generali più fidati del re e il secondo uomo più popolare del Paese per il suo coraggio, è sempre stato accanto al re da quando era un ragazzino. Si può dire che sia il fratello del re”.

“Capisco…”, Bakani annuì e continuò a guardarsi intorno. Continuò a chiedere alla domestica ogni volta che voleva sapere chi fosse qualcuno e lei rispose gentilmente.

Dopo un pò, la raggiunsero altre domestiche. Le dissero che doveva entrare e lei obbedì. La portarono per vari corridoi finché non arrivarono alla stanza del re. Ne rimase sorpresa: era un palazzo enorme con un balcone privato, camere spaziose e un’enorme finestra con delle bellissime tende che pendevano. Il pavimento luccicava e raffigurava un meraviglioso mosaico. Tutto era bello come al castello di Ashan.

Le fecero il bagno e pulirono il suo corpo con erbe aromatiche e fiori. Dopo il bagno, indossò un nuovo vestito rosso con un bellissimo disegno floreale. Era diviso in due parti: la parte superiore attillata le stringeva il busto, mentre la lunga gonna gonfia era l’opposto della maglia. Il vestito spiccava sulla sua pelle, facendola risaltare ancora di più. Le domestiche la aiutarono a truccarsi e a risistemarsi bene i capelli. Tutto quello che fece lei fu restare ferma e in silenzio. Una volta finito, andarono via. Bakani aveva adesso un po’ di tempo per pensare.

La sposa del Re © Copyright traduzione Michela D’Amico.


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