The King’s Bride
Chapter 1 – The Switch


“If you ever reveal this, you, me, and everyone at home will die!” Princess Amatak said.

“This is wrong. Your Highness, I beg you. Please don’t do this.” Bakani pleaded on her knees.

“Take your clothes off!” The princess yelled.

“Please, My Lady, don’t do this.” The maid continued to shake her head. Her palms were clapped together praying that her princess would let her go.

“I ORDER YOU! You don’t have any choice!” The princess screamed. The maid did not move. The princess had no choice. She ripped the maid’s clothes off her while she cried. She kept on trying to push the princess’s hand off her, but it was no use. Before she knew it, the princess forced a colorful, glittery flower pink dress on her. She dolled her up in pretty colorful scarf over her head.

“A chance like this never comes to a maid like you; you should thank me for letting you marrying a great king!” The princess nodded. But the maid knew that marrying King Jerodfan would be the last wish of every woman in the world. She heard the rumors that her coworkers gossip about him that he was ruthless.

“From now on, you are Princess Amatak.” The princess continued as she looked at the poor maid. The maid continued to cry.

The princess took one of the camels and rode away, leaving the girl with the guards as they continued on their ways to Hanshim.

Bakani’s heart pounded hard against her chest as she thought about the princess. Unfortunately, it was too late to understand why the princess was acting weird at home. The princess gave her many hints, yet she didn’t get it. She was just one of the maids that stood by her door. One day, the princess lined up all the maids in castle. She walked through all of them.

When she came to Bakani, she stopped and examine her closely. Her appearance was too good to be a maid. She had that innocent look of a child that captured the princess’s heart. The princess announced that Bakani would be the one coming with her. Because of that, the princess taught her many things that she didn’t need to know about Hanshim. For weeks, the princess was nice and kind to her. She treated her like a sister. Bakani thought that her good deeds had finally paid off. She thought that it make sense for the princess to treat her better because they both were going to a new strange land. They had nobody else but each other.

The truth finally revealed itself. She was nothing but a maid. The princess just used her like she had always did in the past. The princess was mean to her. She was mad at herself for falling into her trap. She had to abandon her name, her life, and her family just to fulfill the princess’ scheme. Now, she’ll never be able to go back to her grandfather ever again. She’s getting farther and father away from her family.

While thinking about the princess’s scheme, Bakani realized the view surround her. The desert seemed to never end. They travelled for a few days, and finally, they came to the border between the two countries. They were closed to reach the castle.

Day after days, she continued to think about running away. But under the desert, will she ever survive in this alone? The princess already told her that if she did not make it there as a whole, her country would suffer a disaster war. Nobody wanted to go to war against King Jerodfan. She looked into her bag and pulled out a small black dagger with a unique gold cross-guard. The pattern on the scabbard was decorated with golden scrap. She thought about her grandfather, the one that gave her this dagger as a present on her becoming of age. This dagger had been with her since she was 15. Her grandfather had taught her so much before she became a maid in the castle. Every girls in Afaishan has a chance to serve the royals as a sign of loyalty to the king like every boy has a chance to become a soldier. Of course, they got pay for their service. Bakani’s dream was to finish her duty and go back to her grandfather. Now, there’s no way to go back.

Finally, the desert had reached the end point. In front of her, there were green trees. They were tall and have lots of shades. She was glad that she’s not under the hot sun. The wind blew gently against her face as they made they way through the small road in the forest. They passed by green meadow. She looked around in awe. She hadn’t see these kind of scenery her whole life since she had been living in the the capital city of Afaishan her whole life. Soon, she started to see lots of animals and fields full of wheats.

They passed by lots of houses built out of stones. As they passed through the village, she was amazed by everything. The road, the people, and the decoration of the village were beautiful. The column of the house each had their own styles and unique design to it. She looked ahead of her; she saw a beautiful grand city. It looked like it was made of gold because of the yellowish that stood out from the burning sun.

“My Lady, we are almost there.” The guard said, looking back at the girl. There were a few guards escorting her to the king. They all had seen what the princess did, but none of them really care about it. They were just doing their duty and turn a blind eye to that incident. She nodded her head and pulled her head scarf to secure it better around her face. She didn’t want anyone to see her.

As she got closer and closer to the big city, she grew even more nervous and scared. If the king ever found out that she was not the real Princess Amatak, her life would end there. She prayed with all her heart, hoping that no one would give her any trouble.


The King’s Bride © Copyright Elleonrosk.



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