I quietly tip-toed through the hallway as my brother, Caleb, counted to twenty.


Abby, my best friend ran up to me. She grabbed hold of me, nearly pushing me into the wall and whispered. “Emily, Where should we hide?”

Abby pulled me into the laundry room, before I could even say anything.

“Ready or not here I come!” Caleb yelled, running down the hallway and pass the laundry room. Abby and I both hid behind the dryer, struggling to keep our giggles contained.

Quiet chuckles escaped from our lips as Caleb rummaged around in closets. I pulled Abby’s ear closer. “Let’s run to base.”

Abby stepped out from behind the dryer first.

There was a door behind me that led into my parent’s bedroom. While Abby began slowly stepping out of the laundry room, I sneaked into my parent’s room, closing the laundry room door.

“Found you!” I heard Caleb scream. “You’re it, Abby!”

I ran out of the room and into the hallway to turn on the light. The look on Abby’s face made me laugh. Caleb laughed as well and danced around joyously as he knew that he would not be it again. He had been it three times in a row.

Abby looked sternly at me. “Ha-ha. Hilarious. You tricked me!”

“I did not.” I retorted with a smile. “I just changed my mind.”

Abby continued to argue with me. “You know this isn’t the first time you’ve done that. You should be it.”

I’m never it. I’m the best when it comes to hide and seek. If anyone wants me to be it: they have to find me first. It’s not my fault that I’m so good at the game. My dad even told me that I should get a trophy for my excellent hiding skills. I was simply the best at hide and seek. Everyone knew it.

“Look, I wasn’t caught, You were. You should’ve heard him coming.” I said, defending myself.

Abby sighed and placed her hands in her pockets. “I think I should head home, it’s getting late.”

“It’s only 5 PM.” Caleb moaned in disappointment. He tried his best to make her stay.

Abby smiled at him and rubbed his hair. “I’ll be back another day.” A small smile adorned her face.

“She’s just mad.” I said to Caleb with a smirk.

“Mad? Why would I be mad?” Abby asked.

“That I’m the best!” I said proudly.

Abby rolled her eyes. I thought she’d say something back, I wanted her to, but she just smiled at me and walked away. Not another word was spoken as she grabbed her bag and just left.

Abby was mature. She was two years older than me. I am only fourteen. We argue a lot then make up. It’s our bad habit. We also go to the same school. We became friends by exchanging Nintendo video games and comics at school. Then we found out we had a lot in common and became best friends.

However, I think she’s a bit tired of me, lately. She doesn’t come over as much as she used to, but one thing she can never turn down is a good game of hide and go seek in the dark. She gets better and better though. It’s almost like she practices at home with her parents.

Abby left, leaving me and Caleb home to wait for Mom and Dad. I was in charge while they were out on their dinner date.

Caleb, being only six, went into his room to play with some toys. He asked me to play with him, but I turned him down. I decided to watch a good scary movie on TV instead.

To my luck, a movie called Murder was playing. It was one of my favorite movies. It was about these teenagers that were lost in the woods. They would get murdered if they broke any of the rules that had been given to them by the dwellers of the woods.

I sat back and enjoyed the movie. Wishing I could play hide and seek in the woods or in a haunted house. That’d be so epic!

I thought…


Hide & Seek © Copyright Jakayla Toney.



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