Solving My Murder
Chapter 8


Lewis’ eyes remained ajar during the entire explanation. Murdered by my own ex-girlfriend. “Why did you help her cover up your best friend’s murder?” I asked, I didn’t know how to feel. Should I be angry that he helped her or grateful that he tried to help me?

“I wanted to get Jack his justice, but she just looked so full of regret, she didn’t know how to express her anger. She just wanted to scare him. So I took the knife from her and told her I would deal with it.” Silence enveloped us. I was mentally exhausted. “I hate people mentioning him, I just feel so guilty. But I had to help her, she really did love him, I just dumped the knife at the top of the bookcase.”

“Out of sight out of mind,” I sighed, he nodded.

“I miss him.” I missed him too and wrapped my arms around his neck, whether I was Hollie or Jack, in that instant I could feel it. And then I left.

I returned to Hollie’s window, hanging onto the drainpipe. Strangely she was lay there on her bed, I glanced at my original bitten nails, when did we revert back? More importantly, what do I do now? Do I want Emma to be arrested? I feel at ease now knowing who killed me. I didn’t want her to go to jail either to be honest, she was drunk on her own tears from the heartbreak I caused, as well as the excessive alcohol. I got my closure, my mind is at rest.

Everything was becoming blurred, tinted by white light. Was this it? Was I free? I needed to thank Hollie, or should I have left her to think it was all a dream? A white canvas was enveloping my vision, I felt warm, tranquil.

I am free.


Solving My Murder © Copyright Kelsey Cromwell.


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