Solving My Murder
Chapter 5


I sat on the same bench in the park from the night of Em’s party, the atmosphere was more tense this time. At first I was eager to discover my killer, of course I was determined to get my closure and leave the in-between, but the thought of finding out my killer, the person that took my life. Their name, what they looked like; all aspects that gave me anxiety. Whoever this person is, they’re still real, I could have passed them in the street before or they could’ve walked past my house and I was oblivious. The reality of how small this world is highlights how vulnerable we all are, in any point of our lives none of us are truly, completely safe- and that thought saddens me.

Hollie’s heels echoed in the distance, 9:30? Pretty short date, I expected to be waiting another hour. She was walking rather quickly. “How did it go?” I shouted.

“Well,” she began as she seated herself next to me. “I got to my fifth question about you and the boy became a psychopath!” I beckoned her to continue. “I mentioned that I moved into your old house, and asked him how you died, how long you were both best friends, questions like that and he lost his temper.”

“What did he say to you?” Lewis usually had manners with the ladies- telling them what they wanted to hear. Maybe Hollie was exaggerating, she seemed to be a sensitive girl.

“He made such a scene slamming his fist onto the table raising his voice at me. “Why is it even when he’s dead he’s still the name flying off everyone’s tongue,” he was saying such awful things, I was close to leaving there and then.” Lewis might have been struggling to cope with my death, Hollie has already made her judgement of him and doesn’t like him so, she mustn’t understand him like I do.

“Well, people cope in different ways Hollie, maybe it’s that-“

“No, I swear he was genuinely uncomfortable with me mentioning you, and then something else happened…” She shuffled in her seat with an uneasy facial expression. “We were walking back and there’s a shortcut down an alley that I suggested and he blatantly refused, his face became so cold like he was disgusted with the idea. I asked why and… that alley, it’s where you died, Jack.” There are worse ways to go I guess: burning to death, drowning. But I was always careful, intuitive with my journeys. I must’ve left alone after the party; I never do that? Lewis wouldn’t have let me, or Em, especially after drinking. Why did I leave alone?

“Jack, there was something else he said that was pretty weird.”

“Go on.”

“I asked if anyone saw and he said no, just that. Then, I pointed to the CCTV camera and asked why the police didn’t use the footage to see who did it, and he told me that they stopped working ages ago.” What was she getting at? I didn’t understand.


“So! How did he know the cameras stopped working?”

“Does it matter?”

“If he knew that the cameras weren’t working, that no one would find out, then maybe-“

“Don’t tell me you’re suggesting… my best friend?” She was getting carried away with this Sherlock Holmes masquerade surely, I knew it wasn’t him, I just knew it.

“Jack we can’t rule anyone out!”

“Yes we can. Lewis Fisher- ruled out!” I was aware I was raising my voice at her, I could see her face grow timid.

“You didn’t see the way he acted before he was so weir-“

“I don’t want to hear it!” I genuinely didn’t. Suddenly her presence became claustrophobic, I had to leave so I took off in a sprint out of the park gates. I ran and ran for what felt like eternity. Until I ended up across the street from him, his house was right there and the light from his bedroom was staring at me, I felt a familiarity. It couldn’t have been you Lewis, could it?


Solving My Murder © Copyright Kelsey Cromwell.


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