Solving My Murder
Chapter 2

I returned the next evening, knocking on her window startling her. “I’ll tell you my plan,” I declared as she let me in. “You will go to school, my old school, talk to my old friends and find out why the police called off the search so soon.”

“Well, can’t you remember who killed you? The article said that you were stabbed.”

“Stabbed, really? Such a dull exit. Anyway, I remember nothing at all from that night, it’s just an empty space, so I have to recollect the pieces from scratch, who have you met at school up to now?”

The concentration in her face was evident, at least she seemed enthused to help me. “Erm… Lily Brooke, Gareth Neild- there’s not many I’m still new. Oh! And Lewis F-”

“Lewis Fisher! Tall guy, always wears his converse backpack to match his cap?” Her eyes lit up.

“Yes! He was kind, invited me to his friend’s house party Friday night, tomorrow night!”

“Did his friend happen to be Emma Jonson?” She nodded, Emma was my girlfriend at the time of my death, however I decided to not inform Hollie of this. I did explain to her that Lewis had been my best friend for many years.

“Are you going to be there, discreetly?” she questioned, I contemplated it. I sure miss the parties, getting so drunk that you have a peculiarly uncontrollable need to collect traffic cones and make some of the most incredible one-night-only friends that you’ll probably never see again.

“Suppose I could linger somewhere.”

I shortly left her to it, she had a lot of pressure on her tomorrow. I just continued to do what I always did at night, when the rest of the world was asleep. I wandered and wandered, seeing the world at its most idyllic state. I was still struggling to come to terms with what I am now, I touched the Earth and it was real. Through my fingers slipped grains of this world. But I am not real, this is no longer where I belong. Will I ever be released from this labyrinth?


Solving My Murder © Copyright Kelsey Cromwell.



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